26th September 2021, ,

Ultimate efficiency in the management of anterior open bite cases using Passive Self-ligation orthodontic Systems

A Lecture to the 55th Indian Orthodontic Conference
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

One of the most intimidating malocclusions that many orthodontists may come across is the skeletal open bite case, and some may think that surgery is the only option.
In this lecture we will discuss how to approach these cases, and how using Passive self-ligating orthodontic systems will give your patient a beautiful smile without surgery.

But we are also wanting to do this in the most efficient way.
I will be sharing with you the concepts and the advanced protocols I use for combining passive self-ligation with TADs to achieve this.

› The Fundamentals
• Dente-Alveolar Bone Remodelling Specialty

• Symmetry & Proportion
• Smile & Smile Arc
• Maxillodontics

› The skill to interplay between
• Bracket Positioning
• Torque Selection
• GoodHabits:Neuro-MascularActivity

• Deprogrammers(BiteRaisers/Turbos)

• TADs & Elastics

› Orthodontic Management of open bite tendency

› Simplified Protocols to treat SK Open Bite Cases

• Non Surgical approach to treat severe open bite cases in Adults

• 3 Mechanisms to prevent upper molars flaring

Files for Course Attendees

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