7th October 2022, Singapore, Singapore

The Ultimate efficiency in Gummy smile cases management non- surgically

Borgan Academy Programme at the IDEM October 2022
07/10/2022 - 08/10/2022
12:00 am Singapore

Orthodontic non-surgical correction of gummy smiles can be one of the
most rewarding treatments at the orthodontic practice, it is a life
changing experience for the patients, and it all starts by establishing
accurate diagnosis regarding the aetiology of the Gummy smile.
Doctors need to adopt a reliable diagnostic algorithm that leads to
choosing the right protocol of management of a certain case, because
only then will they be able to evaluate their cases in the long term.
Doctors will learn:
1. Aetiologies of Gummy smiles
2. Treatment planning protocols for the different aetiologies of Gummy
3. Best rules for TADs Placement
4. Soft tissue recontouring rules with laser

Interactive Treatment planning Lectures

2 lectures of 15 minutes each that will be super practical and super fun
where Dr. Borgan and doctors attending will go through 6 different
cases of Gummy smile and diagnose the case, choose the right torque
of the Damon brackets and plan the Tads placement.


The Ultimate Hands On Session

In this Super Impactful hands on session doctors will get the chance to
practice bracket placement protocols under the supervision of Dr.
Borgan and Dr. Rami
There will also be a chance for a demo for TADs insertion and
Deprogrammer placement on the anterior and posterior teeth. Basically
all the tools you need to create a great smile for your patients.


Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Files for Course Attendees

These files can only be accessed if you have attended the course. If you did attend, please to see the files.

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