8th December 2022, Kuwait City, Kuwait

The Damon Ultima Launch

Evolution or revolution of the Passive self Ligation systems?
12:00 am Kuwait

Probably for the first time in the history of orthodontics we have an evolution and revolution at the
same time. How that is even possible would you say? The fundamentals are the same but the
application is so innovative at more than one level that it is only fair to say it is a revolution. You
would be very wise to join this revolution ASAP because the quality of treatment this system
enables you to provide to your patient is higher than anything else available today, and will be the
gold standards for years to come.

In this event Dr. Borgan will go into the details of the limitations of conventional passive self-
ligation and how the ingenious design of the Ultima bracket addresses them. But just like with any

revolution there will be things that may catch you by surprise and these will be discussed and
highlighted very clearly.
The jewel in the crown of this event will be the roadmap to start your first 10 cases with Damon
Ultima, this will include mastering the torque selection for all malocclusion and then Dr. Borgan
will share with you his office research into the percentages torques required and how to optimise


Morning Session
Why Passive Self Ligation orthodontic
Limitation of previous PSL systems.
What are the innovations in the Damon Ultima System
3 reasons to upgrade to the Damon Ultima
The New timeline for wires sequencing and Pano-Repo

Afternoon session
Master the torque selections for all malocclusions
Smile Arc creation and protection using Damon Ultima
Becoming a master finisher with Less wire bending
The Borgan Equation:Your first 10 cases with Damon Ultima


, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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