20th November 2021, ,

The Damon Study Club

9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Borgan Academy and Ormco UK are delighted to present the first Damon Study Club - DSC in London.

A club for likeminded clinicians, where we explore the science and potentials of Passive Self-Ligation Orthodontics, and help each other grow in this amazing profession.

In the first instalment of the DSC we want to focus on the ever challenging and controversial topic of extraction in orthodontics, from needing space to treatment stability and achieving functionally optimal occlusion we will address all arguments.

Ideally we want to avoid premolars extraction so we can give our patients full natural smile that will last for life.

But how to prevent flaring and proclination of the anterior teeth? And what are the strategies and techniques we can employ with the Passive Self-ligation Orthodontics to achieve that?

In a nutshell the main principle is always going to be minimising unwanted forces during treatment, and the Damon System will give us that.

We invite you to submit or bring with you one of your new cases that you wouldn't mind sharing with the other doctors in the Club, so we can all discuss, learn and grow together.


The Sun Room, The Megaro Hotel, St Pancras Meeting Rooms

1 Belgrove St, London WC1H 8AB

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