10th December 2022, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Orthodontic Management of Gummy Smile

All Day Kuwait

Orthodontic non-surgical correction of gummy smiles can be one of the most rewarding treatments at the orthodontic practice, it is a life changing experience for the patients. Those patients were usually told that the only Treatment is a major surgery, and they “went on” for years trying to hide their smiles. 

There is no doubt that the Damon system is a very powerful and effective in treating all malocclusion and achieving a beautifully natural smile, but it can also be very efficient when you use the right protocols and blend it with the advanced technologies we have today. This is beautifully clear when you we consider how gummy smile and open bite are the 2 faces of the same coin, and how mastering the protocol for dealing with one of them will be part of the treatment for the other.


, Kuwait City, Kuwait

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