11th December 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Non-surgical correction of Gummy Smile Via orthodontics

12:00 am United Arab Emirates

The treatment of Gummy Smiles is one of the most rewarding treatments you can guide your patients to, especially when it is non-surgically. This approach is made possible using the advanced technologies we have today like the Damon Ultima and VectorTas Systems .

In this workshop Dr. Borgan will share with doctors his protocols for management of the different aetiologies behind gummy smiles.

Highlights of the workshop:

-In-depth Protocols to manage different aetiologies
Choosing the right positions for TADs
- 3 Phases of Soft Tissue Recontouring using Diode laser
- The Art of Symmetry and Proportion


, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Files for Course Attendees

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