15th September 2023, Makassar, Indonesia

Managing Challenging Cases Using Damon System: Excellent Finishing

All Day Indonesia

Treating complex cases in the orthodontic practice can be very
rewarding as it usually changes patients lives in a profound way.
However it can also be very stressful to the clinician, unless you choose
the right tools and implement tested protocols. In this course, Dr.
Borgan will share with you his protocols in using the Damon system in
complex cases to achieve beautiful smiles in a minimally invasive way.
From severe crowding cases without extraction to skeletal class III
correction without surgery you will see it all.

Hands On: "Damon System: Torque Selection and Bracket Placement
to Achieve Excellent Finishing"

Each participant attending the course will get the chance to practice one
of the 2 protocols of either smile arc protection or smile arc creation on
a typodont


Makassar, Makassar, Indonesia

Files for Course Attendees

These files can only be accessed if you have attended the course. If you did attend, please to see the files.

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