15th November 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

The ultimate efficiency in treating Class II cases using Passive Self-ligation Systems

Create Natural Healthy Smiles for Life
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Indonesia

Management of Skeletal Class II cases can be very challenging especially when the teeth are well aligned teeth, because at the end of the day orthodontics of the 21st century is not be about straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment should give your patient a natural healthy smile for life, and we all want to do that without extractions, surgeries or bulky appliances. 

The technologies we have today can help us achieve this and in less time and fewer appointments. In this online lecture we will explore:

-Phase I treatment for young patients, its protocol and benefits

-The Maxillodontic concept: addressing the malocclusion aetiology

-Headgear & Functional Appliance effect of PSL

-How to make premolars extraction something of the past

-Retention protocols and long term stability


Zoom, Jakarta, Indonesia

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