25th October 2024, Istanbul , Turkey

Damon Ultima 1 Year Programme

Season 2 of the only programme of its kind in the World
25/10/2024 - 26/09/2025
10:00 am - 6:00 pm Turkey

Launch your career in a new and exciting direction with this advanced orthodontic programme. Season 1 was an immense success and registration is now open for Season 2.

This program has been designed to be comprehensive, flexible and most importantly enjoyable.

This programme will consist of 6 face to face learning modules and 6 online study clubs over 12 months, and it will also contain recorded online learning materials.


The Highlights

6 Module of Lectures and Workshops

60 hrs of face to face lectures

10 hrs of Hands-on Workshops

20 hrs of Online Diagnosis/Treatment Planning sessions


The Dates

Module 1 & Module 2: 25th-27th October 2024

Module 3 & Module 4: 11th -13th April 2025

Module 5 & Module 6: 5th-7th September 2025


The Modules

Module 1 will focus on Aestheicaly Oriented diagnosis and treatment planning, there will be 2 workshops  in this module. The first one will be on selected real cases for diagnosis, and the 2nd workshop will be for Advanced Orthodontic Photography.


Module 2 will focus on solving Severe Crowding and spacing in class I malocclusion, and class II malocclusion without extraction or surgery. This module will contain the Damon Ultima Bracket Placement Workshop, and deprogrammer placement workshop.

Module 3 will deal with solving Class III and Bimaxillary protrusion cases, again Without extraction or surgery. There will be a TADs placement workshop

Module 4 will focus on hybrid approach of using Damon Ultima with Clear Aligners. It will also cover the general principle of Clear aligner biomechanics and how to plan for in-house aligner

Module 5 will deal with Vertical discprencies from Gummy smile and open bite cases to facial asymmetry cases. The approach will be mainly non-surgical and there will be a workshop on placing tongue tamers, and palatal TADs

Module 6 is the crown of jewel of this programme where everything will come together, from mastering the art of Pano-Repo to the detailed protocols of soft tissue recontoruing with Laser, and the comprehensive retention plan each specific malocclusion.


Early Bird Fees

Register for the course by the 31st of July 2024 and secure the lower fees of 5500 USD.

The Programme's Fees

The fees for the course are 6500 USD that can be paid in 4 payments 

First payment 1000 USD on registration

2nd Payment 1500 USD October 2024 (500 USD only if register before 31st July 2024)

3rd Payment 2000 USD March 2025

4th Payment 2000 USD August 2025


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Istanbul, Istanbul , Turkey

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