9th September 2023, London, United Kingdom

Damon Bracket Placement Workshop

Master the Art of Creating a Smile Arch
9:00 am - 4:00 pm United Kingdom

One of the most important steps along the orthodontic treatment journey is the bonding session,
placing the brackets as accurately and as thoughtfully as possible will help set your case for a
beautiful finish.This is especially critical when using the Damon system and it’s variable torque options as this add layer of complexity to the session

In this workshop Dr. Ali will be going through the whole workflow used at Borgan orthodontics at
bonding session, a workflow that has tired and test thousands of times for the last 10 years.
The cherry on the top will be the opportunity to practice the placement for the Damon Ultima, the
most advanced passive self ligation system in the world.

Dr. Ali will also discuss the pano-repo session workflow and how to manage the brackets for
ultimate bonding strength when repositioning.

Joins us in London


179-199 Holland Park Avenue , London, W11 4UL, United Kingdom

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