21st June 2023, Amman, Jordan

Advances in treating Class II using the Damon Ultima

12:00 am Jordan

There is no doubt that the Damon system is very effective in resolving
malocclusions that otherwise would require invasive options. However it can also
be very efficient when you use the right protocols and blend them with the
advanced technologies we have today. Most recently the introduction of the
Damon Ultima System solved a lot of the problems with the conventional Passive
Self-ligation systems which will make the progression of treatment much faster
and smoother.
Nonetheless, management of Skeletal Class II cases can be very challenging in
non-growing patients, because orthodontics of the 21st century is not be about
straight teeth. Orthodontic treatment should give your patient a natural healthy
smile for life, and we all want to do that without extractions, surgeries or bulky
appliances. Dr. Borgan will dive deep into the details of optimising the beautiful
result of the treatment from the face to the teeth.



Intercontental , Amman, Jordan

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