1st July 2022, Manchester , United Kingdom

The Damon Masterclass: 3 Days Advanced course with Hands-on

01/07/2022 - 03/07/2022
All Day United Kingdom

Borgan Academy is delighted to partner with Smart Dental Academy in Bringing this Advanced course to Manchester

This advance Damon course with Dr. Borgan has been around the globe, from Munich, to Singapore, Honk Kong and Dubai. It has always been an immense success and the experience of 20 courses in the last 2 years has made it even better.

There is no doubt that the Damon system is very powerful and effective in treating all malocclusions and achieving a beautifully natural smile. At the same time it can be very efficient when you use the right protocols and blend it with the advanced technologies we have today. We will discuss clinical cases that cover all malocclusions and you will get to practice the most sophisticated bracket placement protocols in the hands-on session.

Why Damon? Why Passive Self-Ligation ?

The Damon System is the most advanced Passive Self-ligation orthodontic system, but what is that? This a class of fixed orthodontic brackets that have sophisticated builtin mechanism to retain the wire in place, so you don't need elastic around every single bracket. The benefits are numerous, but the main one being is that there is less friction between the wire and brackets and that means less forces on the teeth. These sliding biomechamincs makes the treatment faster specially in the first phase of alignment and generally allow treatment of cases that otherwise requires extraction or invasive procedures, as the bone remodelling is more efficient with Passive Self-ligation. In the course we will review the science and the evidence for all this.

The Course Highlights

- This is the most intensive Damon course you would ever attend.
- Learn how to have more control on your cases using Damon brackets

- Clinical Cases that cover all types of malocclusion
- In-depth discussions of various protocols
- VectorTAS and Deprogrammers: makes the impossible possible

- Learning How to shift into extractions free practice
- How to guarantee Smile and functionally optimal occlusion
- The art of Finishing
- Diagnosis and treatment of Gummy smile without the need for Surgery

Hands-on Bracket placement session:

 Using the Damon Ultima Brackets


Unit 5, Ashbrook Office Park, Manchester , M22 5LB, United Kingdom

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